Streamline Your Business with WazoERP

Comprehensive software solution that integrates and manages core business processes and functions across an organization.


Our Special Features

HRM & Payroll

Manage the whole employee life cycle, including hiring, payroll, attendance, expense claims, and asset transfers.


Improve the sales process to gain and keep more clients. Follow up on leads, seize chances, and send quotes.

Supplier & Purchasing

Critical components of supply chain management that involve the sourcing, evaluation, and procurement of goods.

Accounting & Financial

It involves the recording, analysis, and management of financial information and resources.


Effectively manage inventories, job cards, production planning, and bill of materials on several levels.

Report & Analytics

Analyzing and interpreting data within reports to derive meaningful insights.

Inventory & Stock Management

It involves managing the entire lifecycle of inventory, from procurement to storage, tracking, and eventual sale.

Order Management

system involves the processes and activities related to receiving, processing, fulfilling, and tracking customer orders. It encompasses various stages..

Supply Chain Management

It involves the planning, execution, and control of various activities related to the flow of goods, services, and information.

How Does WazoERP Software, Help Your Business?

Every company needs an ERP, or enterprise resource planning system, particularly ones with numerous intricate procedures. Adopting ERP software can provide fantastic outcomes and offer your company’s operations the much-needed boost they need. 

An ERP software can be described as a platform where all business applications are active at the same time and where all departmental data is gathered into one place, making it simple to access when necessary. This information can be arranged, examined, and turned into reports. Customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory management, and supply chain management are all integrated into one system by an ERP software.

Enterprise resource planning software’s capabilities can be quite beneficial to your company because it saves you the trouble of having to gather data and analytics for each department separately. As there is no longer a need to scour various systems for a specific piece of information, unified systems also assist a company’s staff organize and utilize their time more efficiently.

Data retrieval is made easier with the use of a centralized database, and it is also less expensive and time-consuming to train staff members on various systems.

WazoERP  FAQ’s

Multiple operations and procedures are coordinated within an organization. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a cutting-edge piece of software that is essential for efficiently managing every aspect of an industry’s operations.
An ERP program essentially works by concentrating on important departments within an organization, such as finance, sales, human resources, or logistics. When the need arises, the information from all the departments is subsequently gathered in one place and made easily available.

A platform that integrates all business applications is what is known as an ERP system. ERP, which automates back-office operations like finance, sales, human resources, or logistics, aids an organization in streamlining its many business processes. In order to efficiently accomplish that and lessen the need on manual labor, the program uses a centrally located database for multiple business activities.

Due to the way that ERP applications utilize data from many departments and make it readily accessible throughout the company, they can play a significant role in your company’s success. This carefully prepared and accurate data can be very beneficial for setting corporate objectives, advancing analytics, improving time management, and analyzing the demand for automation in your sector.

A software called an ERP system functions by centralizing data. The system gathers information from several business sectors and then uploads it to a central area for user access. allowing for the unrestricted flow of data.

Using ERP software is typically a simple way to manage a business’s varying complexity levels. Simple information exchange, optimum business performance, uniform reporting, and a general cost reduction are just a few of the few advantages of utilizing ERP Software.

ERP software has a number of benefits, including the ability to be customized to meet specific business needs, the fact that no confidential information about your firm is handled by a third party, and the availability of robust integration options with other systems.

The greatest enterprise resource planning (ERP) software now on the market is  wazoERP software, which offers ready-to-use software with easy integrable modules that can be customized to meet your needs. Giving WazoERP Software the capability to provide the user with flawless analytics as and when required other systems.

Early ERP software adoption would ensure more effective company objectives, better cost control, and seamless management.
Therefore, using ERP, if a shipment order is placed for an item that is the last one in stock, the inventory management modules must note this information so that the item is restocked and also notify the sales team at the same time that it cannot guarantee the delivery to the customer.